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Overstock, Off Spec and Damaged Items!

OVERSTOCK: We made or purchased too many of these items, and we are clearing them out. All items are within date and undamaged.

YesYouCan (case 6), all varieties:  MSRP $52.14, now only $36
  • Multi-Grain Bread: Contains corn and milk
  • Red Velvet Cupcake: Contains corn
  • Banana Bread: Contains corn
  • Chocolate Mud Cake: Contains corn. Chocolate buttons are in a separate sealed bag within the box and contain milk and soy.
  • Vanilla Cupcakes: Contains corn. Sprinkles are in a separate sealed bag  within the box and are manufactured in a facility that may contain traces of peanuts and other nuts.


2.5lb Products (case 6), Better Batter Flour or Pancake Mix:  MSRP $101.99, now only $45


OFF SPEC: A portion of our corn free powdered sugar failed our standards for 'free flowing' - cannot process through our machines properly. It's still great to use (you may have to sift it). We have packaged it in bulk to save you even more.

Note: all sales of this item are final.

Corn Free Powdered sugar (10lb bulk): MSRP $77.52, now only $35



DAMAGED: Several of our 20lb flour and pancake arrived damaged on our recent shipment. The internal seal should still be intact, but there may be significant damage to the external carton. The flour is in date.

20lb Damaged Flour: MSRP $79.79, now only $55

20lb Damaged Pancake: MSRP $99.79, now only $55

Corn Free Powdered sugar (10lb bulk): MSRP $77.52, now only $35SaveSave

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