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Satisfaction Guarantee


The first time you order one of our products, we want you to try it without risk. You have 30 (THIRTY) days to use your item and see if you like it. If you are not satisfied with the performance or flavor of one of our products for any reason whatsoever, let us know within the first 30 days of purchase, and if it is your first purchase of that item, we'll refund the purchase price - up to one retail sized item (see limitations) - or offer a product code.

Please provide:

  • Order number
  • Item(s)
  • Reason for dissatisfaction

Limitations: Our Satisfaction Guarantee does not cover damages, items purchased elsewhere, items given as free items, items given as gifts, gift cards or items purchased with gift cards, 20lb size, financial aid listings, or Final Clearanced items.

Guarantee is time-limited - our payment processor cannot issue refunds past 30 (THIRTY) days, and it takes up to a week to finalize a claim, so you must place your claim within 21 (TWENTY ONE) days of delivery to receive a refund.If you place your claim within 30 (THIRTY) days but after 21 (TWENTY ONE) days of delivery, you will be offered a product gift code only.

Claims are limited to product only and to1 unit per claim per flavor per customer. We do not reimburse return shipping. If you have ordered multiple units, you may send back unused units for a refund/replacement gift code. We do not cover return shipping. Items must be physically received or have a valid return tracking number, to issue code/refund.

Satisfaction Guarantee applies to items purchased at only.


Occasionally something may go wrong with a batch (it's rare, but it happens!). In general, you have 30 (THIRTY)  days to use your item before our claims period expires . If you are not satisfied with the performance or flavor of one of our products and feel it has failed to meet our standards, let us know within 30 (THIRTY) days of purchase.

Please provide:

  • Order number
  • Reason for dissatisfaction/failure

We will pull a unit from our reserve stock and test it. If we find that there is an issue with the batch, we will offer one of the following options: a refund of the purchase price, a gift code, or offer product replacement from a different batch.

If there are enough claims on a specific lot to initiate a broad voluntary recall of a lot, we will notify all people we believe have purchased the item and will offer replacement codes to the customers we contact, as well as an estimated timeline for replacement.

Limitations: Our Defects Guarantee does not cover general satisfaction, baking mistakes, failed  recipes, damaged shipments, products purchased from a third party, items given as free items, items given as gifts, gift cards or items purchased with gift cards, or Final Clearance items.

Guarantee is time-limited -  It will take time to test the product and our processor will not offer refunds past 30 days, so you must place your claim within 14 (FOURTEEN)days of delivery to receive a refund.If you place your claim within 30 (THIRTY) days but after 14 (FOURTEEN)  days of delivery, and a problem is identified, you will be offered a product gift code only.

You may be asked to return product for testing. We will cover return shipping if we request it.




We're a small company, and we're not robots! Occasionally things go wrong... we might have mis-packed your order, missed something on your packing slip and forgotten to put it in, stuck your label on someone else's package, or some other issue that is our fault.  You will have 5 (FIVE) days from date of delivery to notify us of any mistakes we have made.

Please provide:

  • Order number
  • Item(s)
  • What was wrong
  • A photo of BOTH the shipping box and the items actually received (this speeds up the process)

Once we are notified, our friendly staff will work with you to make it right. If your claim is eligible, we may offer one or more of the following options: reshipment of incorrect/missing items, product refund, product gift code.

Limitations: Our Mistakes Guarantee does not cover damages, items purchased elsewhere, gift cards, and mistakes on the part of the customer.

Guarantee is time-limited - if you do not place your claim within the 5 (FIVE) day window, your claim will be refused. We limit the right to determine what is offered and number of claims made by any particular customer.



We do our best to send out perfect product, in appropriate shipping packaging, but our products go through the mail, and there is risk of cosmetic damage, as well as real risk that your package may arrive severely damaged - where the inner liner of the package has been breached and product is spilling out.

You will have 5 (FIVE) days to make a claim of damages, if applicable (see below for VERY IMPORTANT limitations and exclusions)

Please provide:

  • Order number
  • Item(s)
  • What was wrong
  • A photo of BOTH the shipping box and the items actually received (this speeds up the process)

Once we are notified, our friendly staff will work with you to make it right. If your claim is eligible, we may offer one or more of the following options: reshipment of incorrect/missing items, product refund, product gift code.


General Warning: We have identified real risk to both cosmetic and product integrity in shipping (about 2% of our packages end up damaged). We have given you options for coverage, including  flat rate and actual shipping. You accept stated liability if you choose one of our less expensive flat rate shipping options.

ACTUAL SHIPPING (USPS PRIORITY and UPS PRIORITY): If you have chosen this method, we will place a claim on your behalf for any kind of damage. You will be required to hang onto your product until released by the carrier.  We will automatically cover claims for noncosmetic damage (rips and spills), if photo proof is provided. Cosmetic damage will only be covered if our carrier approves the claim and refund/replacement will be determined by what is offered by the carrier at time of claim approval.

FLAT RATE INSURED: This is an internal program and is not connected to our carriers.  If you have chosen this method, you are protected against significant damage (spills and tears to inner liners) ONLY.  Once we receive your claim, we will automatically determine whether we will offer a partial or full claim and which refund/replacement/code options we will offer. This is not contingent on the carrier claims process. If you decide you would like to take your claim up with the carrier, you agree to be bound to their decision (if they refuse our claim, your claim will also be refused): please note UPS SUREPOST does not cover any claims for damage whatsoever.

FLAT RATE UNINSURED: If you have chosen this method, you have accepted all liability for damages. No claims will be accepted for any reason whatsoever.


In all cases, guarantee is time-limited - if you do not place your claim within the 5 (FIVE) day window, your claim will be refused. We limit the right to determine what is offered and number of claims made by any particular customer.



Want to return something to us? You may return unopened products to us as long as they still have 6 (SIX) months of shelf life left. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.  We cannot offer refunds past 30 (THIRTY) days of purchase. Please keep this in mind when returning items!

Non-returnable items include: - Gift card balances, Items received as gifts or purchased with a gift card, downloadable software products, opened items, Final Clearance Items, Items purchased on other sites or stores

To apply for a return, please email us with

  • a receipt or proof of purchase from our site.
  • the item(s) and expiration date or lot number
  • A note with your reason for return

Once we approve your return, you may send the items back to us using any major carrier. Please note we do not cover or reimburse return shipping charges. Once the items are returned to us, we will inspect the items and will issue either a refund, a product replacement code, or gift code. We cannot offer refunds past 30 (THIRTY) days of purchase. Please keep this in mind when returning items!



Our payment processor limits the amount of time they offer refunds. If you make any claim past our published date, we will only offer replacements or gift codes.

If you are offered a refund,  your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment ONLY.

If you haven’t received a refund yet,:

  • First, check your bank account. Your refund may take 14 days to process.  
  • After 14 days, contact your credit card company or bank: it may take additional time for them to credit you.
  • If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at



We know you like to bless people you love.

If you purchased a gift for someone and they didn't like it, something was wrong, or it was damaged, the person who made the actual purchase is responsible for making the claim. All normal restrictions and limitations apply. We do not accept claims from people who did not purchase the product at our site.

If you have purchased items with a gift card that was purchased at our site, claims will only be offered via gift card or replacement (no cash refunds) only up to the value used on the card. 

If you have purchased items with a gift card that we issued to you, we reserve the right to limit or refuse the claim.

Gift cards will automatically expire within 5 (FIVE) years of date of purchase. Gift cards may expire before the 5 year time, where explicitly stated to do so in advance.  We do not offer any form of refund or replacement  on unused, partially used or expired gift cards.


You cannot make a claim on items that were issued as replacements for other items (previous claims).

All claims are logged in our system, as well as all communications between the claimant and our company.

We reserve the right to refuse multiple claims from the same person for any reason. We reserve the right to cancel/refuse to sell to any person who makes multiple claims.


 Occasionally due to software glitches or warehouse damages to inventory, an item will not be available even though it cleared our payment system. In most cases we will contact you to determine if you would like to hold the order, cancel the order, or swap out the item for the same (or greater) total weight of product in a different SKU (packaging).

We reserve the right to automatically swap up your item to an equal or greater quantity/total weight of product in all orders, without notifying you, as long as the swapped item contains identical inner product (ie. flour for flour), in order to expedite shipping. Automatic switching will typically occur when the expected wait for a hold exceeds two weeks, or any period following a holiday closure.

If we switch items, we will add a note in your package referencing this policy.


We often offer items for presale (reserve) when they are known to be sold out or are not yet on the market.

If you order any PRESALE item, your card WILL be charged at time of order, and your ENTIRE order will be held until the PRESALE item is back in stock. You will receive weekly updates as to the status of the item and you will be given options for alternatives, as things evolve, in the case of undue delays.



We generally process orders Mondays, Tuesdays, and either Thursdays or Fridays, except for office closures, holidays and weather closures/outages. We do not process orders on weekends or Wednesdays. Orders are typically processed 1-2 business days after they are received. Orders are typically shipped 2-3 business days after they are placed.

How this works:

  • Once an order is processed (1-2 days after order), a shipping label is created, and the order is packed.
  • The order should be held for an additional 1-2 business days, in order to allow customers to make any corrections or cancellations they need to, at no extra charge.
  • After the hold period, the order will be picked up off our dock by the carrier.  Once an order leaves the dock, any changes to the order (shipping address etc) will incur extra charges.(note: If we ship your order before our suggested hold of 2 days, we waive our right to charge you for corrections made in transit.)
  • Our orders will be in transit until they deliver to you.  Most orders deliver within 5-7 business days from date of order, but it can take up to 14 total days to arrive, depending on where the order falls in the cycle, office/carrier closures, weather, shipping method chosen, etc.We DO NOT guarantee delivery times for ANY offered services, including Priority and UPS Ground shipping. 


We do not offer international shipping. Please shop at or  to ship to non US locations.



We offer several low cost flat rate shipping fees in addition to actual shipping to most US locations. Flat rate shipping may be more or less than actual shipping, and rates may change seasonally.

You will be offered options at checkout. If you choose flat rate, please carefully choose your risk liability options carefully. Also please note that flat rate shipping may go out either USPS priority, UPS Surepost or UPS ground. We choose the least expensive method for our flat rate shipping and Surepost may take 14 days or more to deliver to you.  If you choose actual shipping or any of our non-eligible regions, your shipping rates will be higher.

Because average cost of shipping is higher than the average cost of what we charge, shipping fees are NEVER refundable. Shipping fees will be deducted from all refunds on orders.


Delivery times are ALWAYS an estimate. We NEVER guarantee delivery times with any of the services we offer, even when you choose specified shipping carrier options.APOs and Hawaii and Alaska tend to have very long delivery times. However for most orders, the delivery should generally arrive 5 to 14 total days after it is placed.

During PREORDER or backorder status, or during closures (weather or holidays), orders will be delayed and we will communicate with you when an order delay is expected for longer than a week.

We do NOT offer refunds or reshipments based on time delay.



It is very important for you to choose a shipping method that is safe, and where you will be available to receive the product. In placing your order, you take full responsibility for mistakes you make in your order items, in your addres, and any other mistakes you may make (out of town etc).  In general we do not cover nondelivery or other mistakes on your part.


If you accidentally entered an incorrect address, we will correct the address at no charge if it has not yet been shipped.

If our software catches an incorrect address, it will notify us and may offer an optional 'verified' address. We will also change your address in our system to avoid future errors. We reserve the right to correct your address in our system in order to avoid additional fees, without notifying you.If no option is offered for correction, we will ask for you to correct it. If you do not respond, we will cancel your order.

Once an item has left our property, if you need to request an address change, you will have to pay a $16 change fee (via invoice) before correction. If you choose not to, you are responsible for the final destination of the package (nondelivery etc), and we may choose to limit your future orders.



We utilize tracking software to ensure your package delivers.  Once an item is marked as delivered in our system, the purchase is closed for delivery.

We NEVER cover claims or reship items lost due to porch pirates.

We WILL, however issue a claim for nondelivery with our shipping service, and will pass through their decision to you. 

In the event that your item fails to arrive within 14 (FOURTEEN) days, notify us immediately, including your tracking number. We will contact the carrier, and try to resolve the issue for you by locating the item.  We can only advance a claim as far as the carriers allow.If they refuse a claim, we will not reship the item or refund the purchase. If they cover the claim, we will reship or refund the purchase as directed by the service.

IMPORTANT: Always check with a neighbor or your carrier before contacting us - you'd be surprised how many times items are delivered to the wrong address or to a neighbor for safe keeping, or are hidden in weird places on your property. In this case, the shipping service should be able to locate these quickly. - or are hidden on the porch or other area of your property.



 If your package is returned to us as nondeliverable we can neither refund your purchase, nor send it again. Your purchase will be treated as an abandoned order, and you will need to pay for all additional fees we incurred, as well as actual shipping fees on the reshipment.

Reasons items are returned to us include but are not limited to...

  • Non deliverable address: this is considered your mistake, if it is the address you provided. If this is due to our auto-correct, we will take responsibility for it.
  • Nobody home/lack of pickup: Carriers often offer up to 3 chances to deliver a product before returning it to us, usually at a central hub. If you fail to pickup  the product and they return it, we are charged with a return fee.

If you still want us to reship your returned package, you may choose to request an invoice for the return fee and the redelivery actual shipping cost, and once it is paid, we will be happy to reship your item.



All purchases are subject to bank authorization prior to processing. Only authorized purchases will be processed and shipped. For your security, your billing name and address must match that of the credit card used for payment. We reserve the right to cancel any order that does not match these criteria.

Payment Processing & Security: We work closely with our trusted partner PayRoc through their parnter Authorize, to protect your personal and payment details by taking steps designed to keep them secure and are currently certified PCI compliant. When you use your credit card, it is deposited to Authorize, via your card of choice. All refunds, emails, etc may name Authorize or Payroc as the payment partner.



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Indemnity and warranty:

In purchasing any product on this website, the Customer agrees that they have read these policies and agrees to indemnify and hold Better Batter Gluten Free Flour, LLC harmless from all liabilities, claims, actions, demands, writs, summons, (including but not limited to all legal fees) arising directly or indirectly out of any breach or alleged breach or non-performance or non-observance by the Customer of any of the terms of a relevant contract, including but not limited to these Conditions.


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