Better Batter Gluten Free Flour | Now Certified Top 8 Free by Kitchens with Confidence!



While all of our products have always been made to the highest specs, we have always been about full transparency.  When we converted to our current retail producer, we believed they were a 'shared' facility according to our internal definitions.

We knew this could cause some confusion- wait! How can something be 'shared' and still guaranteed as Top 8 Free? What does that mean? Who's checking up on them? As a food allergy person with anaphylaxis, even though I personally vetted this company and trusted them, I had the same questions. I wanted to be absolutely certain that 

I approached our copacker about getting Kitchens with Confidence third party certification. This process is extremely rigorous. If the certifier believes the steps are not enough, the copacker has to chance their methods/testing/storage etc to match the requirements or they don't get certified. Period.  KwC doesn't mess around. I was so committed to this that I offered to take on the full cost of the certification myself. I was not surprised at all though when my copacker not only agreed to undergo the certification process, they had been actively seeking it out themselves! 

Long story short,   I am VERY happy to announce that our KwC auditor passed our facility. All our products made there are now classified as WHITE ZONE under our definitions, and all products made there are now certified Free From all Top 8 allergens and gluten! 

I can't tell you how excited I am!

In the short term, I still need to sell through any old stock - and all the packaging I had printed with the old assumptions of shared facility/equipment. So until those sell out, you might still see 'shared' notices (even on stuff not made in shared environment).  We're too small (and too poor!) to throw it away.   Once the old stock of packaging is used up, you'll start to see our new packaging with the most updated info - the little purple seal, and the new allergen statements that reflect the most up to date info.

 Meanwhile EVERYTHING is still being made to the highest standards, as always, no matter the packaging.

So excited!




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