Better Batter Gluten Free Flour | Critical Covid 19 Updates

Important Information Regarding Our Covid 19 Status



 Just a few minutes ago, Pennsylvania Gov Tom Wolf issued a closure for all non life-critical business in Pennsylvania, the state where we are located. This closure is effective as of 8pm tonight.  We want you to know how this may or may not affect you.

Covid 19  Returns Policies

During this period of time, please buy only what you think you will need. Purchases placed during our published Covid dates (3/13-2020 - ???) will NOT be eligible for replacements or refunds.

General Offices

Our office will be closed to the public immediately. We are NOT accepting walk in orders, regular business meetings, or other appointments. Please conduct all orders via email or on our site.


Our USPS and UPS drivers will still be permitted on premises, to keep shipments moving. Regular warehouse staff will be permitted in house to continue to pack orders. So orders placed online should be able to be run for now.


All other staff will be working remotely and/or placed on Paid Time Off for the duration of the closure. This includes general office staff, bookkeeping, and customer service. Therefore phone messages will not be taken. To contact us during this time, please use  FB messenger or email us at



Ordering our products is still currently considered life-critical (food products are exempt from closure), and for now our supply chain is functioning (although there have been delays and increase in demand leading to shortages).


Due to high demand in production and transport, as well as demand on our site, you may experience shortages of product, and you should expect significant delays in fulfillment and delivery times. We highly encourage you to shop Amazon if you cannot find our products on our site, or if you need guaranteed delivery times.


For anything in stock - We are doing our best to activate additional supply chains - still top ten free guaranteed - and the increase in demand means we may not have the normal packaging produced - so you may receive our flour in packaging  that is different than you are used to - plain bags with a label. The stuff inside is still the same sourced ingredients and formulation and still top ten free - so please do not be worried if it looks different!


Once again phone orders will likely get missed during this period of time, as our office staff is working remotely and unable to run orders.


Customer Service/Claims

Our customer service staff will be doing their best on FB messenger and at our contact email to answer your inquiries. Please note that since they are working remotely, they may have limitations to what they can access or do. We are working to mitigate limitations the best we can, but we do ask your patience as we find creative solutions in cases where normally we'd need to be in the office to manage your inquiries.


Please note there will be no phone service until our offices reopen, so it will be critical to use electronic means to contact us.


General Notes

Covid has been reported in our county. Right now our staff is healthy and safe. However we are a tiny company - 3 moms and their hubbies and of age kids running the business -  if any of our staff are exposed, we all go into quarantine, so please continue to keep this in mind as you plan your orders for the next several weeks.


A personal note from Naomi

Thank you so much for working with us as we navigate this stressful time. Right now I'm personally immunocompromised, and had just finished recovering from Influenza A, and fighting with pneumonia - this was my first week back - when this news hit. Like you, I'm shaking my head and trying to figure out how to pay bills, get what my family needs, and  I dearly want to avoid getting sick again in general, let alone with this nightmare bug. 


We care about you, and I know my gals have been praying for your health and peace of mind for several weeks now, as have I while I've been home recovering. Please feel free to reach out to us for anything you need - we're all in this together.



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