Better Batter Gluten Free Flour | Critical Covid 19 Updates

Important Information Regarding Our Covid 19 Status


Like many businesses in the United States, we have been,  continue to be, and may be further impacted by COVID-19. Currently our operations are considered essential (food supply via ecommerce), our staff is healthy, and we are cleared to continue operating.

Updated 1/2/2021

1 employee was diagnosed with COVID-19 on 1/2/2021. Fortunately this employee became symptomatic during our annual year-end closure.

The employee self-isolated immediately upon the first sign of symptoms, on/near 12/24, and was tested immediately. The employee has remained isolated, while waiting for the test results. The isolated employee is currently is stable condition.

As per our predetermined plan, all teams are following all extra safety and santizing steps (outlined below).

No other staff member has come in contact with anyone known to be COVID positive.


CURRENT Ordering, Fulfillment and Delivery Policies during COVID

As per our new policy for maintaining safety, and reducing touches, our hours are now limited:

1) Ordering : Ordering is still possible at this time, 24 hours a day on our site. Items may be subject to extended wait times, due to operations or inventory shortages. 

2) Operations:   We are currently operating Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. and are processing orders on those days. We may/may not add additional days, depending on volume and staff availability. Additional staff have been engaged to work sanitizing shifts, and regular staff are also required to add santitizing measure at all touch points. Staff are currently assigned to one of several 'pods' and may not be available for contact, depending on whether their pod is on the schedule to work due to rotational scheduling constraints. Pods operate only after santizing measures have been taken and individual screenings passed. Most pods consist of 1-2 people, so please be aware of the increase in individual work load.

3) Processing: Orders are currently processed at or just after noon EST on operational days. If you order after 10am, your order will be packed in the order in which it was received. Staff are currently assigned to one of several 'pods' and may not be available for contact, depending on whether their pod is on the schedule to work due to rotational scheduling constraints. Most pods consist of 1-2 people, so please be aware of the increase in processing time.

4) Carrier Pickup: Our carriers (UPS and USPS) are operating as usual, but delivery times may vary from expected (see below).

5) Time to Delivery: all carriers are reported extended hold times, increased volume, and delayed delivery times. Delivery date guarantees are not offered by either our carriers or our company during this time, although they are currently running close to normally expected transit as of this update.

6) Pricing You should know we are committed to prevention of price gouging - as long as we are operating our ordering system, my staff will continue to use our regular pricing model. We have published our MSRP (Compare At price) on our site - you can use this as a guide when shopping elsewhere. If you see a vendor selling our product significantly above *our stated* Compare At price - please let us know and we'll look into it for you.

Delivery fees and labor to keep things sanitary and staff safely are substantially higher for us, and this is reflected in an increase in our shipping rates and our free shipping levels. Thank you for understanding.

Codes Policies

You must apply any code you plan to use at checkout. Due to increased volume and limited staff availability, we cannot not offer workaround retroactive application.

However if you notify us before your order ships, we can cancel the order and you can try to order again.  Note:  we can't locate your code, issue a new code to you or issue a refund on an open order.  

Volume Limitations and Damages/Return/Refund Policies

During this period of time,in order to reduce the potential for hoarding/price gouging and improve our chance of obtaining sufficient stock volume to meet demand, we have instituted a limitation on claims, returns, etc.

  • Please buy only what you think you will need.  We will NOT accept returns, replacements or issue refunds during this period for unused product or satisfaction beyond ONE unit per order placed after March 15. Please note that due to high demand, we reserve the right to limit quantities, hold orders for incoming stock, or cancel orders due to lack of availability/oversold status. 
  • Damages - We have more demand than we have product due to COVID demand and are usually pre-sold out before the next production run arrives. This means we CANNOT ship replacements, even when insured shipping is opted for.  Claims for damage will receive a replacement code good towards a new order, with the code valid for the remainder of the year (before year end)
  • Damage Insurance! Due to high volume, there is increased risk of damage in shipping. In general we expect greatly increased damaged - year to date we are receiving 6.5x more damage reports than usual!! UPS does not cover claims for damage, therefore  you must opt for USPS Priority Mail or our internal protection to make a claim for any damages! If you opt for uninsured shipping, please note that we will not cover your damage, nor will we make exceptions for your order.
  • Limitations to Damage Protection: during this period of time, we are asking you to help us reduce waste - therefore, we reserve the right to limit claims total damage as well as partial damage. We reserve the right to refund a portion of your order rather than the full amount of your order. ALL CLAIMS REQUIRE PHOTO PROOF or your claim will be refused.


General Office Policies
Our office will be closed to the public immediately.

We are NOT accepting ANY walk in orders, regular business meetings, sales calls or other appointments. Please conduct all orders via email or on our site. Curbside pickup is available locally upon appt only.


Customer Service/Claims

Our customer service staff will be doing their best on FB messenger and at our contact email to answer your inquiries. Due to increased volume, and restrictions on work hours/access, response time may be slow - we are working to mitigate limitations the best we can, but we do ask your patience.

General Updates
We are a tiny company  and you should know that we are doing our best to social distance and work safely, including working in squads and limiting work hours and outside exposure.

We are dealing with the same stresses and irritations as you - AND we are dealing with reduced staffing ability while filling volume/demand that is sometimes mroe than FOUR TIMES Christmas volume. It can be really stressful here, please continue to give us grace, be kind and gentle when talking with us, and if so inclined, keep us in your prayers. We really need them!


 Current Steps To Safety

As a reminder, here is what Better Batter is already doing to sustain operations:

  • No Better Batter employees have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.
  • Isolation of the executive team to ensure business continuity. This means our controller , warehouse supervisors, head of customer service, and warehousing are working limited hours, following good health guidelines for social distancing, and working from home where possible. 
  • All staff are limiting hours, working in pods and practicing safe standard,  following good health guidelines for social distancing, and working from home where possible. 
  • We have implemented strict isolation protocols within our facilities and corporate offices to minimize the spread of the virus in the organization should a single employee test positive for COVID-19 or should they be quarantined due to known contact with a COVID-19 positive person, including splitting workers into pods, to limit known contact between employees.
  • Increased sanitation of critical areas of all facilities.
  • Decreased contact with essential third party providers (UPS drivers etc)
  • Better Batter is continually communicating with our teams to ensure all employees are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of this virus on a personal as well as professional level. 
  • Only business critical visitors approved by myself or my Director of Operations are allowed in any Better Batter facility until further notice.
  • We have placed extra orders in our supply chain, and have confirmed that our copackers have secured key essential ingredients and other supplies to ensure we do not experience a long term shortage as the nation deals with this outbreak.  To date, all vendors have communicated that they are monitoring developments and will communicate immediately if supply concerns develop. However we expect delays in inventory status due to increased lead times at our facilities. Make sure to order with this in mind.


As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any additional questions or concerns, or encouragements. We're all in this together.
Love ya lots


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