Better Batter Gluten Free Flour | Answers to Our Quiz

Here are the answers to our quiz!

Q:  What percentage of people have Celiac Disease?

A: About 1% of people, or roughly 3 million Americans are currently diagnosed with this disease.

Q: How many years does it take on average for doctors to figure out that a person has Celiac Disease?

A: Currently the average time to diagnosis is about 6 to 11 years before tests conclusively prove that they have Celiac. YIKES!


A sure sign that you have Celiac is diarrhea: True or False?

A: FALSE!  Diarrhea is a common symptom, but so is constipation. In fact there are over 300 different documented symptoms that a person can have as a result of Celiac. Complicating matters: you can have Celiac and be completely without any symptoms at all! This can make it hard to diagnose the disease.

Q: For women, what is one of the biggest hidden sources of gluten?

A; LIPSTICK!  In fact lotions, medicines, vitamins, and cosmetics can all contain hidden gluten, and because they don't require labels like food products do, you can ingest a lot of gluten without ever suspecting it!

Q: Is Celiac Disease a Food Allergy?

A: NO. Celiac disease is a food intolerance. Food allergies cause the body to react in different ways, usually immediately and potentially severely. Typically they can be treated with anti-inflammatories or injection therapies and potentially outgrown. Food intolerances cause the body to attack itself in more of a gradual manner, and build over time. They typically cannot be treated except by avoiding the foods. did you do???