Pancake batters, particularly those that use more than 2 tsp. of baking powder, activate the xanthan gum in our product very quickly. Xanthan gum, when thoroughly combined with liquid, quickly forms ropey strands – a substitute for gluten – which thickens the batter. This effect is often achieved in normal gluten-containing quick breads by over beating (which develops the gluten).

Another factor is often the encapsulation of the liquid by the starches. Gluten free starches are naturally hydrophilic, so an extended stay on the counter may cause them to absorb too much liquid.

We highly suggest preheating your griddle completely before mixing up your batter.

For ideal results, do not make more batter than you can cook within 20 minutes total on the griddle. This is generally a single recipe (or about 3 c of mixed batter) at a time.

If you find your pancake batter thickens too quickly, add more liquid – you can add up to half-again the amount called for in the recipe – until the texture is correct. It will not affect the taste or texture of your pancakes.