It’s Menu Plan Time!! It is time to talk about our Gluten-Free Menu Plan! We have some great menu items this week!


Monday – With the temps being HOT, we are keeping the kitchen cool tonight with an easy sandwich dinner. We are serving up these Roasted Red Pepper, Avocado and Chickpea sandwiches. They are very filling!

Tuesday – Breakfast for dinner on a Tuesday night sounds great! This Easy Breakfast Casserole will do the trick! Packed with beans, eggs, hashbrowns and more! This meal calls for a sweet treat afterwards! Try these cookies!

Wednesday – As we head into the middle of the week, we are bringing out the casserole dish! This Spanish Rice and Olive Casserole brings plenty of flavor to the table!


Thursday – Hey there zucchini! Yes, you all those green zucchini that are taking over my garden! Tonight, we are using you to make Zucchini Grinders! Get creative and make some Parkerhouse Rolls to put your zucchini on!

Friday – TGIF! Happy Friday! We are finishing out the week with a simple Potato and Leek Soup! Enjoy the time with your family!

Enjoy your week! I’ll see you next month for more tasty gluten-free, vegetarian recipes!