Happy Labor Day to those in the US! It’s our unofficial end to the summer, and I am ready! I’m ready for cooler weather, long sleeves, all things pumpkin, and lots of bonfires. Are you? The fall is my favorite time of year, I live for the fall…so it’s only fitting that I’m very much ready for it!

This has been a strange summer for us in Oklahoma, it’s been marked with several cool days and our winter was actually warm. I actually want a colder winter with at least a few good snowfalls! We have a sled that we’ve only been able to use one time in all of four years because it hasn’t snowed in so long! It’s time for one!

Now, let’s get to the menu for the week.

Monday –

On Monday, make a delicious batch of Slow Cooker Taco Soup. Then, for dessert make delicious No Bake Cookies.

Tuesday –

Tuesday is a great day for Oven Fried Chicken and some Everlasting Rolls!

Wednesday –

This Beef & Rice Casserole is a new favorite around our home. It’s a great comfort dish!

Thursday –

Make it a breakfast for dinner night with Pumpkin Pancakes, pair them with some bacon too.

Friday –

Make it a fun dinner for the kids with Corn Dog Muffins. Then, for dessert whip up these Hot Chocolate Brownies.

This looks like a yummy week of eats to me, what about you? Is there a go-to on your list of foods that you make in the fall? I think for us it’s chili and taco soup. We make chili or taco soup almost every week all throughout the fall, it’s just one of those easy meals that warms you up.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite fall recipes. Be sure to share them with us!

Enjoy this tasty menu!