Let’s get right to The Week’s Good Eats!

It’s March! For us in Oklahoma that means, spring is just about here. I say thought; however, we have had quite a bit of snow come down in March before too, but typically that means spring for us. It’s like a mix of weather in the month of March. One day it’s snowing and the next we are taking cover from tornadoes. I have no doubt this month will likely be right on point with that as well. We are just a couple weeks away from spring break too. I’ll admit, I’m ready to not have to rush out the door in the mornings to get the kids to school. It will be nice to put the breaks on things just long enough to get a taste of what summer will be like. I always feel like after spring break the weeks just fly right by and suddenly it’s summer!

I’m actually pretty excited about this summer, last summer was a lot of fun with the kids and again they are older now with more things we can do. I am loving the stages they are going into.

In the meantime though, let’s talk food and a menu!

Monday- Let’s make it breakfast for dinner with a twist making these Hamburger Stuffed Omelets.

Tuesday- Make a classic comfort food tonight with these Creamy Chicken Noodles topped over some tasty mashed potatoes.

Wednesday- This Eggplant Lasagna will hit the spot tonight, mix it up with some ground turkey too!

Thursday- A delicious meal for dinner with this Lemon Garlic Salmon. Then, be sure to make this Strawberry Angel Fluff for a tasty dessert!

Friday- Make a crowd pleaser tonight with this Tater Tot Taco Casserole. Then, make a batch of tasty cookies for dessert.

Enjoy these delicious foods and the beginnings of spring!