Happy New Year!

Are you ready to start 2019? I guess it really doesn’t matter at this point, it’s here! Let’s make it a point to start this year fresh, new and with a good spirit. Sound good?

I always like to go into a new year with a new outlook. It’s almost like starting with a clean slate again and setting out to do things sometimes a little differently than the year before or maybe even the same in some ways.

This year, I’m trying to really slow down in a lot of areas. Worry tends to be my weakness and as I look back at each year, I realize nothing I was actually so worried about…really happens. That means I wasted a whole lot of energy and time worrying for nothing.

I’m trying to be intentional about recognizing when I do this and putting an end to it…quickly.

Let’s take one worry away and plan a good menu plan to get you started into 2019!

Maybe that’s your goal this year too, actively menu planning. It really does help you cut waste on your grocery bill and not have to worry about what’s for dinner.

It’s time for the menu, let’s get to it!

Weekly Menu Plan –

Monday –

Most of us are heading back to work after a long break, so let’s start the week with Instant Pot Lasagna Soup. This soup is perfect paired with Dairy Free Cheesy Garlic Bread.

Tuesday –

On Tuesday, Sheet Pan Mini Meatloaf & Vegetables is a perfect comfort meal. Then, if time allows, prep some Blueberry Oatmeal Bars for breakfast or snacks.

Wednesday –

Maybe you got a new air fryer for Christmas? If so, these Gluten Free Air Fryer Indian Tacos are PERFECT to try with your Air Fryer!

Thursday –

It’s the perfect day for Gluten Free Chicken Fried Steak. This is one of our favorite comfort meals, perfect served with some mashed potatoes!

Friday –

Make it a pizza night Friday with this Deep Dish Pizza!

That sounds like a great week of good eat’s to me!