Do you enjoy the big game this past weekend? I’m sure many did and many are probably pretty sad today…it goes both ways, right? Basically since Christmas, my husband and I have been on a wellness journey that has really changed the way we look at food, that means our goal is to eat a bit better this year and really cut back on the unnecessary additives. Have you changed the way you eat this year? Was that a resolution? Of course, we still need to eat and I’m thankful that we have a great go-to flour for us being gluten-free as well.

Let’s get to the menu!

Monday- Make this delicious Eggplant Lasagna for dinner, then be sure to add Strawberry Angel Fluff to your menu for Valentine’s Day!

Tuesday- These Creamy Chicken Noodles are comfort food at it’s best. It’s a great gluten-free option for those of us that need it. These homemade noodles work perfectly with Better Batter Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour.

Wednesday- This Sweet and Sour Chicken is a personal favorite. Then, remember to save this Strawberry Sauce for Angel Food Cake, again perfect for Valentine’s Day too!

Thursday- On Thursday, this Enchilada Casserole is a wonderful addition as we head into the end of the week.

Friday- It’s a great night for pizza night and this Hawaiian Pizza is the perfect choice.

Now are you ready to get into this month and get going? We sure are. We are only 6 weeks away or less from spring break. That just seems unreal, doesn’t it? I feel like ours getting earlier each year. That just means though summer and beautiful weather is around the corner. I would love just one good snow though, it’s been crazy warm here in Oklahoma yet again. Last year it was the same way, I’m really starting to miss seeing snowfall, a real snowfall!