Happy August! Back to School season is here for us, we start school in just a little over a week. I know many of you though still have a good month or so left until school starts. I’m ready for ours to start, is that awful? The first few months of summer it’s exciting but by the end of it, I’m ready for routine. I think the kids are too even though they may not really realize it, they are certainly craving it too.

In the midst of that though, we always still need a menu, right? I’m sharing a few favorites to finish off this last full month of summer!

Monday – Start the day with Vanilla Lemon Bread. Then, for dinner let’s eat up this Grilled Rustic Chicken Pizza.

Tuesday – Make it an easy dinner night with Slow Cooker Lemon Pepper Chicken & Veggies.

Wednesday – This Homestyle Cheesy Penne is a family favorite. Then, make this Peach Crumb Cobbler for dessert.

Thursday – Tonight, let’s pair this Eggplant Parmigiana with Deep Dish Pizza. That’s a tasty meal!

Friday – This Glazed Chicken Thighs are a must during grilling season.

Now what is on your menu? I’m getting anxious to start making fall foods, it’s almost that time for pumpkin, isn’t it? Well, a few stores in our area think it’s already time for Christmas! They already have holiday decorations out and it’s still well over 100* here in Oklahoma. Is it hot where you? Most days it’s too hot for me to even walk to the care and suddenly I can’t breathe. Our dog that is mostly outdoors, she’s basically all indoors during this time of the summer and she loves to be outside. It’s truly the dog days of summer, so I’m ready for those fall days…it gives me hope!

Enjoy this menu!