This week’s “Pinspired” recipe is vanilla poke cake with strawberries. After last week’s Death by Chocolate Poke Cake, I went in search of a vanilla poke cake. Although Pinterest is flooded with many poke cake recipes, I didn’t find one that fit my brilliant brainstorm (at least in my mind it was brilliant!) … so I did what all creative home cooks do … I made up my own recipe! A sample list of poke cake recipes can be found on Pinterest. I admit that my pictures this aren’t quite as pretty as some other poke cake pictures, but let me tell you, it is one delicious cake! My husband, who doesn’t like fruit pieces in his cake, is still eating leftover cake. (I think some of the other poke cake pictures were taken after the cake was frozen. Since when does pudding hold it’s shape?) I hope you and your family enjoy this cake as much as we have!