This week, I am feeling a little adventurous! This may be the travel-centric Hallmark movies talking, but I thought we should take our taste-buds on a world tour. Monday Let’s begin the week with soup and salad Thai-style! Try this Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup with Thai Cucumber Salad (omit peanuts as needed). Tuesday: Although classic French chefs may not love this dynamic duo, a French Bistro Burger served with Ratatouille (use dairy free cheese as needed) will leave your taste buds singing! Wednesday: Next, we will put a little Italy in our Hump-day! Try this Italian Soufflé (use dairy free cheese as needed) and Italian-Style Mushrooms and Spinach with Pizzelles for dessert. Thursday: Our Thursday meal is this dietitian’s fast food favorite! Panda Express-Style Honey Walnut Chicken over rice and steamed broccoli. Friday: For the end of the week, I thought we would take things south of the border with Coconut Lime Tilapia and Spicy Black Bean Salad.


I am available to create special menu plans, and Naomi is also available to make allergy specific recommendations for menus that are posted, for a small fee. Full Custom Menu Planning: $50 per weekly dinner plan Get additional allergy recommendations for this menu: $10 Email us to set an appt!


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