Let's finish out the year with the week's good eats with this Menu Plan!

The last month of the year and well the decade. Isn't that crazy? I just recently stopped to think about that and how we are literally about to end a decade and I'm not even sure where the time went this past 10 years. So much has changed and yet it feels like it literally flew by. gluten free pumpkin pie We had our son in 2009, so we started out the decade being new parents and trying to navigate taking care of a baby and raising a child. In the midst of that came a few job changes, starting my own website in 2010, moving, and having another baby. It's been a wild 10 years! I have no doubt the next 10 will be wild too as we raise our kids right off into adulthood which makes me want to cry buckets of tears! In the meantime that also means I have been writing menu plans for 10 years! That was one of the first things I started doing when I started my own website and still do it regularly, it literally makes planning meals so much easier. Even better when they are gluten-free too, right? Let's get right on to this week of good eats!

Weekly Menu Plan

air fryer turkey breast Monday - Air Fryer Turkey Breast is so tasty, plus a great dish for dinner. We also used this gluten-free gravy with Better Batter to serve on top of it. For dessert enjoy a delicious classic pumpkin pie. Tuesday - On Tuesday, make this Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken that is perfectly stuffed in a baked potato. gluten free chicken noodles Wednesday - Creamy Chicken Noodles make for the best home-cooked comfort meal. Thursday - It's a great day for some air fryer gluten-free onion rings and burgers! They can all be made right in your own kitchen with these recipes. Friday - Make Friday pizza night with the Gluten-Free BBQ Chicken Pizza, you can easily use the crust and top with your favorites too! Holiday Recipes: Here are a few holiday recipes too, these gluten-free sugar cookies make perfect cut-out cookies and we always use Better Batter All-Purpose Flour for these. Pecan Rum Cake Gingerbread Cake Cheesecake Ball Now, are you ready to finish out the year? Let's do it with the week's good eats!