If you have visions of lovely gingerbread houses floating like sugar plums through your head, this recipe is for you. It yields a VERY strong, very sturdy dough that will hold up well to being left out as part of Christmas decorations, and it can bear a lot of weight from candy add-ons! Read the entire directions – including our special notes – carefully before starting this recipe, for best and most accurate results.

You should know that this recipe has been created to use for decorating: the finished baked good is very hard and not sweet, so don’t expect it to taste like gingerbread men – you might chip a tooth trying to eat it if it’s been sitting out for a month! If you want tasty gingerbread – ONLY appropriate for very small houses and immediate eating – try this regular or this vegan roll out gingerbread recipe instead.

This recipe yields enough for ONE small gingerbread house – You may use any free online gingerbread house template with this recipe.. see notes below recipe for calculating yields. Full recipe under the video: