Here’s another spooky good idea for Halloween – spider web pancakes! These lightly spiced, pumpkin pancakes are perfect for serving all October – not into spiders? Make pumpkins instead 🙂

2 c Better Batter Gluten Free Pancake and Biscuit Mix
1-2 c water
1/3 c pureed pumpkin (canned pumpkin)
1/8 tsp pumpkin spice
2 eggs (optional)
squeeze bottle or ziploc baggie.

Preheat your griddle to 350 degrees and grease it well.

In a mixing bowl, combine pancake mix, 1 c water, pureed pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, and optional egg. Add enough extra water to make a consistency that is easy to squeeze, about the consistency of good cake batter – this should not run freely, but should squeeze easily. Pour into a squeeze bottle or ziploc baggie – if using a ziploc baggie, you will need to cut a VERY small hole (1/8 to 1/4 inch) in the corner of the bag to squeeze it.

Using the squeeze bottle or ziploc baggie, squeeze a small amount of batter onto the griddle to form a shape.

to make a spider: squeeze about a teaspoon of batter in a small circle, about an inch in size. Directly below the circle, and attached to it, use another two teaspoons of batter and squeeze a slightly larger circle, about 2-3 inches – this is the spider’s body. From this circle, use another tablespoon of batter to create eight legs – four on each side. Allow the batter to cook all the way through – dry on the surface and all bubbles popped, before flipping gently to brown lightly on the other side.

To make a Spiderweb: With about a tablespoon of batter, squeeze 10-15 lines of batter radiating out from a center, about 5 inches in length. Allow to cook for a minute or two, or until set. Using about 2 more tablespoons batter, join the lines with curved/looping lines, to make a spider web shaped circle. Allow to cook until completely set and dry on the surface before flipping to brown lightly on the other side. – remove to a platter to keep warm (you may use a warm oven if you wish), while you continue to use the rest of the batter.

This recipe should make about 4 spiders and 4 spider webs, or 8 of any one shape, about 4 inches to 5 inches in diameter.