A kitchen scale is an essential kitchen tool, especially when you are working with ingredients such as flour for baked goods. Ratios can be thrown off when bakers scoop into flour instead of properly measuring flour by weight. For the puff pastry: Choice 1 - for a total of 2 c (280 g) flour mix: Choice 2 - for a total of 2 c (280 g) dairy-free flour mix:
  • Approx 1 1/4 c (104 g) Better Batter All-Purpose Flour, plus more for sprinkling
  • Approx 1/3 c (36 g) blanched almond flour
  • Approx 1/3 c (36 g) cornstarch
Then include the following to the flour mix:
  • 3/4 tsp kosher salt
  • 4 Tbl unsalted butter, diced and kept cold
  • 1/2 to 3/4 c (4 to 6 fluid ounces) ice cold water
For the butter packet: For the Mexican Hot Chocolate Sauce:
  • 9 c whole milk
  • 24 oz milk chocolate chips
  • Cocoa powder, for serving, optional
For making the puffle you will also need a waffle iron, cooking spray, and 1/2 c granulated sugar mixed with 1 tsp ground cinnamon


This recipe follows the dairy version of the Gluten Free On A Shoestring puff pastry recipe. Nicole has included a helpful video on how to roll out the puff pastry dough. Check out that video here before starting your own batch of dough; it's well worth the labor of love for this recipe. Make the dough. In a large bowl (I actually used my food processor) combine the 2 c flour mix and salt. Whisk or pulse to combine. Add the chopped pieces of cold butter and pulse to combine in a food processor or press together to flatten using your fingers. Add 1/2 c ice water and mix to combine. Continue to add more ice water until the dough stays together. Transfer to a piece of plastic wrap and wrap well. Refrigerator this dough while making the butter packet. Make the butter packet. Using two pieces of parchment paper, sprinkle 2 Tbl additional flour then top with two sticks of cold butter, placing them side by side, touching each other. Sprinkle butter sticks with remaining 2 Tbl flour then top with second sheet of parchment. Pound the butter flat with a rolling pin until the sticks of butter merge to form one mass. Remove the top sheet of parchment, fold the butter in half, then cover with parchment. Pound again and continue to repeat this packet making until the folded butter is 4-5 inches square in size. Refrigerate to chill about 15 minutes until the butter begins to firm up. Roll the dough and butter packet together. Lightly flour your work surface and place the chilled dough on top, sprinkling with additional flour. Roll til smooth and is approximately a 6-7 inch round. Place the chilled butter packet in the center of the round of dough. Use a butterknife to gently score the perimeter of the dough not covered the butter packet. Set the packet to the side and roll out the scores area to make flaps. Continue to sprinkle work surface, dough, and rolling pin with flour to prevent sticking. Return the butter packet to the center of the dough and fold the flaps over the top, pressing down to seal in the butter. Roll the dough in turns. Continuing to sprinkle with flour, roll the dough into a long, narrow rectangle about 1/2 inch thick. Fold into thirds as you would fold a business letter. Turn the dough 90 degrees and roll out the dough again into another long, narrow rectangle. Fold again into thirds. Repeat this process, chilling the dough slightly in between turns until firm. Repeat the rolling, folding and chilling process for 4-6 additional turns. After the final turn, fold the business letter sized dough in half to make a smaller square of dough. Wrap tightly and refrigerate or freeze until ready to use. The frozen puff pastry should be defrosted overnight in the refrigerator before using. Make the puffle. Preheat your waffle iron for 10-15 minutes. Spray liberally with cooking spray and slice 1/2-inch thick rectangles of dough from the prepared puff pastry. Add these 1 to 2 at a time to the waffle iron. Close the lid and cook on setting 4 or 5 until the indicator light blinks. If the underside is not browned enough then keep cooking the dough with the lid open until the desired color is reached. Transfer to a plate and coat with cinnamon sugar. Serve with small dishes of chocolate sauce for dipping. Notes. I sometimes grew impatient with the rolling, folding, chilling process of making the puff pastry dough. Building up those layers of dough and butter helps the end result flaky and delicious. I would often to 2 complete turns of the dough before returning it back to chill - this also yielded great results. Use thick slices of puff pastry dough for the puffles. Rolling out thinner pieces will not allow the grooves of the waffle iron to cook the dough sufficiently. Make the Mexican Hot Chocolate. On the stovetop, whisk together the milk, cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg in a large pot over medium heat. Add chocolate chips and stir until completely melted and combined. Cover and simmer over low heat for 5-10 minutes or until thickened. Serve with a dusting of cocoa powder. Adapted from Gluten Free On A Shoestring and Food Network