Everyone says that sweetened chocolate milk, with its ratio of 3 parts carbohydrate to 1 part protein is a perfect recovery drink. For those of us allergic to dairy, that’s not really an option, and for many of us with multiple food allergies, a lot of the protein drinks out there have soy, egg, or nut warnings, too. We created this drink for a Health and Wellness Fair in our hometown, so that people with food allergies could still enjoy a rich and delicious recovery drink and build muscle without worrying about allergens. We combined Pea Protein Powder (25g per serving) and our cake mix for a smooth and creamy combination that’s delicious – you can use any brand and type of protein powder you wish. Nutritional Macros are below the recipe – they may change slightly based on what protein blend you use.

Per serving (20 oz total)

1 Tbsp pea protein powder
3 Tbsp either Better Batter Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix or Better Batter Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix
8 oz water
8 oz ice (1c or 7 cubes)

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend for one minute or until slightly thickened.

Calories = 150
Fat = 2g fat
Carbs = 23 g
fiber = 1.53 g
sugar = 10.8 g
Protein = 8 g
Sodium = 367mg
Calcium = 3% dv
Iron = 15% dv