At the Fancy Food Show in New York City, we met a lovely demonstrator from Toufayan Foods who offered us a selection of gluten free pita chips to take home and test. The gluten free market in general has improved incredibly over the last few years, and – at least with their wraps – Toufayan has generally ranked among the best in terms of matching taste and texture with regular products. I was very excited to try the products and expected them to meet the company’s previous quality. In general I was not dissapointed.



Toufayan scoopable Pita Chips come in a variety of flavors. We tested the Salted Caramel, Chili Lime, and Seas Salt flavors.

Each bag of these weighed in at 6 ounces, with 52 crackers per box, with a serving of 9 crackers at 28g total, or 6 servings per box.

Toufayan’s normal (gluteny) brand of pita chips weights in at the same total weight per bag, servings per bag, and total weight per serving, a first for us!

Tofouyan suggests a retail cost about $4.99 per box for their gluten free pita chips – exactly the same price as their normal chips.


This may very well be the first case I’ve ever seen where the price per serving is identical to the gluten containing counterpart – a pretty exciting thing, for me, since it’s a constant groan-and-bear-it that our world of products is generally more expensive than the regular products.
Texture and Flavor:

All three flavors had the same basic texture – very crisp and crunchy – as often happens with gluten free crackers, some of our family members thought the texture was slightly too hard. However since these chips are meant to be dunked into dips, I feel that the extra crispness was actually a benefit to the product. Generally the texture was similar to the Toufayan regular pita chips.

Flavor was a bit of a mixed bag:

  • Seas Salt: This was pretty much what you’d expect from a plain pita chip. It reminded us slightly of the hard melba crackers you get in Chex mix. there was a slight ‘rancid oil’ taste in the crackers, which really came out after you swallowed, but that may just have been from the batch.
  • Chili Lime: We loved this flavor – it was strongly reminiscent of “Chex Mix” crackers, with a great balance of garlic and other spices. This was the one flavor we felt could stand on its own without any dips.
  • Salted Caramel: This one received mixed reviews in my house. I’m not generally a fan of ‘salted caramel flavor’ chips in general – I find the flavor either tends toward too salty or too sweet, and without the textural contrast of soft caramel and crunchy salt, it loses something for me. This flavor was no different – while I could see it being good with a sweet cream-cheese based dip, on its own, I found the flavor simultaneously odd and flat. However my boys loved the flavor and ate the bag in one sitting. To each their own.

Top Eight: none listed
OTHER Allergens: corn is listed as an ingredient in all three flavors

Available Online?

I could find this product in my store, but nowhere online, unless ordering from a local grocery with home delivery.. This may be because they just launched the product in March, and the product may become more widely available.


The texture and price are certainly great. In general Taste.

If I could I’d take stock in this company – sooooo awesome!