You guys have asked us to give you a review of other brands that we’ve tried, to help to find the good ones and avoid the yucky ones. Today we’re diving into Snyder’s Gluten Free Pretzels. You should know we bought these babies outright at our local grocery store – there is no secret shilling or advertizing going on, just my personal opinion.

pretzel obsessedCentral Pennsylvanians love pretzels. I mean, really and truly love them. Maybe it’s the German influence. You can’t escape a pretzel in our town:

My (Pennsylvanian) roommate in college (in Virginia) used to have her mom send her up whole care packages of nothing but pretzels, and when I moved to her small hometown (that’s a long story for another day) every place I went welcomed us with a pretzel, cheese, and meat tray, all served with dipping mustard.

Pennsylvanians LOVE pretzels. They put pretzels in their meatloaf. They make chocolate dipped pretzels for Holidays and serve them as family secret “christmas cookies” . They make strawberry pretzel salad. It contains no salad. But it has pretzels.

I wish I could adequately express the level of pretzel-ness Pennsylvanians embody.


For a girl from Florida, raised on Rold Gold, it was a little bewildering to see the array of styles, flavors, and brands of pretzels on tap here, but definitely very welcome. Over the course of many years I, too, became a pretzel connoisseur. And a pretty heavy handed user of all those weird pretzel based recipes, so when I got diagnosed with celiac, I mourned the loss of those little crunchy bites of heaven. It was several more years before brands came on the market. Most of those were VERY pricy – like $7.00 per bag – and ALWAYS plain or simply salted.

So I was excited when I saw Snyders gluten free pretzels at $4.00 a bag at my local grocery store in flavors – flavors!! – plain and salted (of course), honey mustard (YES!!) and buffalo wing. Of course I had to buy them. After all, we had guests coming, and pretzel salad to make…

So let’s get down to brass tacks –

snyder's pretzels

The pretzels taste like normal pretzels, with the expected flavors you’d find from plain, salted, honey mustard, and buffalo wing. I suppose I could launch into reams of purple prose about the tanginess or bouquet of each flavor, but really… according to my gluten husband and gluten friends, they just tasted normal. Which is what we want, right?

The texture was spot on, too, from all our tasters.

At $4 -$5 for an 8oz bag, the cost is about 145% of the normal cost of gluten filled pretzels. It works out to about $.60 per serving, which isn’t all that bad, if you’re able to control your portion sizes. My children were not, but then again they are entering their teen years and think a portion of anything is “one bag!”

All the flavors contained soy.

All flavors had a warning that they also were made in a plant that processes peanut butter. You may want to check with the company to see if you can suss out how safe they are for your needs. For me personally, this made the items a no-no, since I’ve had too many times where I don’t react and don’t react and then – BOOM – react to a shared environment facility. It all comes down to the Good Manufacturing Practices of the company and the reasonable risk of cross contamination you’re willing to bear.

Available Online?

Yes, like pretty much everywhere. If you’ve got Amazon Prime, you’re golden.

Feel free to weigh in on your own impression of this brand in the comments section below <3