Passover season is a real boon to those with gluten intolerance – there are a wide range of foods that are specially created for Passover that just happen to be gluten free. When the season ends, and everything goes on sale, I scoop up everything I can find of my favorite brands. This year I found a new product – Manischewitz Gluten Free Crackers – on sale for only $1.50 per box. So naturally, I bought 50. Was it worth the gamble? Read on for my review…

There are 8oz of crackers in the box. Each cracker is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide and about 1/8 inch thick.

While I got my boxes for a mere $1.50, the normal price of this item is about $4.11 in both stores and online.


A serving, according to the box, was a generous 10 crackers. Total calories were about 120, fat was 2.5g, carbohydrates were 21g, and protein was 1g.
Texture and Flavor:

The texture and flavor of the crackers most closely resembled Saltines, according to my family, although I personally thought it more reminiscent of oyster crackers. The flavor was bland, with a bit of a salt tang, and the cracker held up well alone, as a base for toppings, or crumbled in soup. It also held up well for ‘mock apple pie’. Don’t even ask why I tried that recipe….
Top Eight: Our boxes list egg as an allergen

Available Online?

Yes, in a large number of online retailers, such as Amazon


A regular box of TamTams (the company’s non gluten free line) retails for roughly the same price. A comparative box of gluten-filled Saltines retails for about $3.00 for a one pound box, making these crackers about 3 times as expensive.


We LOVED these crackers. Out of 50 boxes, I may have about 10 left. I do have a son with a hollow left leg, but I think it’s more testament to how good the crackers are that they are disappearing so quickly. We like them well enough to order them when we can get them, but if you can find a store that carries these during passover – and if you can stalk the store faithfully, and get there before anyone else does, it would pay to stock up. Definitely TASTE!