Many years ago I bought several brands of gluten free crackers that were both wildly expensive and sorely disappointing. A short while later, our local Sam’s Club came out with a brand of rice crackers that was gluten free. While the texture was a bit tough/hard, the price was right, and I’d been scarred enough in the cracker department that I just stuck with them, and never looked further. I was wandering my gluten free aisle when the packages of Absolutely Gluten Free brand flatbreads whispered their siren song… the price was pretty good/comparable to normal cracker AND they looked SO much like the matzoh I used to eat at this time of year, that I had to buy them. I grabbed a few boxes of Everything and Original flavors and headed to checkout.

Oh my holy golly.

I’ll try not to wax too poetic about these crackers, and do a proper review below, but my brain is too overloaded with love and affection to think properly. Trust me when I say that these crackers are worth every penny.

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flat bread


Absolutely Gluten Free brand of flatbread crackers are very similar in appearance to traditional matzoh (jewish flatbread made for passover) that I grew up with – imagine a matzoh that are only 6 inches long and 2 inches wide and you’ll get a perfect image of what these look, taste, and feel like. At my store they carried Original (plain) and Everything (garlic, caraway, poppy and sesame seeds). The site also lists Toasted Onion flavor and a smaller cracker in Cracked Black Pepper.

Each box of these weighed in at 5.29 ounces, with 22 crackers per box, with a serving of 2 crackers at 14g total, or 11 servings per box.

Both a box of the popular Manischewitz matzos and a box of Keebler flatbread crackers weigh about 10oz per box.

The matzo contain 10 crackers about 28g each, for a total of 10 servings per box.

The Keebler contains many small crackers, with a serving size of 8 crackers at 14g per serving, and about 19 servings per box.

At our store the Absolutely Gluten Free brand cost about $4.99 per box.

The Manischewitz matzos costs about $4.99 and the Keebler flatbread costs about $3.00 where I live.


To compare the total serving costs, I decided to both give the cost of each serving as outlined on the boxes and to give an equivalency (gram per gram analysis) to show the cost per eating if all quantities are the same. Since both AGF brand and Keebler list 14g as the standard serving, I used that as my second metric.

  • Total cost per serving for Absolutely Gluten Free brand: $.45
  • Total cost per serving for Manischewitz brand: $.49
  • Total cost per serving for Keebler brand: $.16

  • Total cost per serving (equivalent grams) for Absolutely Gluten Free brand: $.45
  • Total cost per (equivalent grams) for Manischewitz brand: $.25
  • Total cost per (equivalent grams) for Keebler brand: $.16

As you can see, as usual, the gluten free brand of product costs about twice what the regular gluten containing counterpart costs, when all factors are equal. Since I pretty much expect that, it came as no real surprise.
Texture and Flavor:

What can I say?? These are pretty perfect replicas of matzo crackers – one of my favorite things in the universe to eat! Extremely light, crispy, toasty, and slightly salty, these will take well to any topping or for eating plain. They are sturdy enough to hold dips and other toppings, but crispy enough to shatter in your mouth. By far these are my favorite gluten free alternative brand of crackers, especially compared to the pressed-Styrofoam crackers I’d been buying.

Top Eight: Our boxes listed Egg.
In addition, there is sesame in the Everything flavor

Available Online?

Yes, like pretty much everywhere. If you’ve got Amazon Prime, you’re golden.


Taste, Smile, repeat.

If I could I’d take stock in this company – sooooo awesome!