potatocornchowder.jpgThis is Pennsylvania Dutch comfort food at its best — super simple and cheap, and thick to ward off the bitter cold.

6 medium potatoes (diced)
2 stalks of celery
1/2 cup
onions (optional)
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons butter or margarine
6 tablespoons Better Batter Gluten Free Flour
3 cups milk

Cover potatoes and celery with water
until barely covered and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer until almost
tender (about 15 minutes.
Add 2 cups cooked corn.
In another pan, heat
butter or margarine. Stir in flour and whisk till smooth.
Add milk to the
butter/flour mixture.
Add potato-corn mixture including the simmer water to
milk mixture.
Stir and then let it sit for 5 minutes before serving.