Fluffy and flaky, warm and buttery, there is very little in the way of side dishes as delicious, popular, and satisfying as a basket of super flaky biscuits. When I was a child, my sisters and I would sit for what seemed like forever peeling and eating one layer at a time – I am sure my parents were just happy for the small windows of peace and quiet the little popcan breads provided.

My children had never had a flaky biscuit, so – in the wake of our super successful Pillsbury crescent roll clone, I tackled this challenge. To say it went over well would be an understatement – I’ve had to make them nearly every day since!! If you’re looking for tender biscuits with hundreds of flaky layers, look no farther – you have found your perfect recipe! You’ll love how quick and easy these little gems are to whip together, too! this recipe makes between 4 and 12 biscuits – you will want to double the recipe to make Super Grands (as pictured in our photo).

Many thanks to Patrick Auger who submitted his photo for our recipe!