I developed this recipe for our customers using both of our amazing flour blends . Everyone is asking for the perfect roll recipe to have on hand, and let me tell you this is a perfect gluten free vegan dinner rolls recipe to have in your toolbox. This recipe is also a multi-functional base bread dough that would also make perfect monkey bread for Christmas morning or anything you want a nice and soft yeast dough for. If you’re using the Artisan Flour the dough will have a whole grain look!!

Our friend Chef Alina has also introduced Naomi and I to a new ingredient to add to our original blend flour for our customers that need to be psyllium husk free. It is called Glucomannan powder and it is a substitute for psyllium husk powder - and you can use it to make this amazing roll recipe. We thank her so much for bringing this amazing ingredient to our attention. Please make sure you check out her amazing website at https://chefalina.com .

Servings 12 Prep Time 20 to 25 minutes Cook Time 90 mins


Dry ingredients :

490g Better Batter Original blend + 15g whole psyllium husk or psyllium husk powder or 5 g Glucomannan powder.


490 g Better Batter Artisan blend (don’t add the psyllium husk or glucomannan)

11 g Instant yeast (bread machine yeast or Fleishmens instant yeast )

50 g sugar, maple sugar, or swerve sweetener

9 g table salt or kosher salt

100 gm (2 large) eggs, or egg substitute Aquafaba, or Just Eggs egg substitute)

Wet ingredients:

400 g milk or Dairy free milk substitute heated to 110°F

30 g butter or vegan butter softened

4 tablespoons butter or vegan melted to brush on top of the rolls



Into the bowl of a stand mixer, add in wet ingredients. Then add all remaining ingredients.

Mix with the paddle attachment. Begin on low to combine, then increase to high speed for 5 minutes until dough is cohesive and fluffy. It will be wet at this point. Gather dough together in the mixing bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Set aside on the counter for 20 minutes to allow dough to hydrate.


Meanwhile, prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper. Add a small amount of gf flour to the parchment.

Next, lightly dust the flour on your board and put the dough onto the board.

Roll dough into a rectangle, about 1 inch thickness. Use a 3-inch square or round biscuit cutter to cut your rolls.

Transfer to prepared baking sheet and brush the tops with milk or vegan milk.

Let rise in a warm place lightly covered with plastic wrap until doubled, about 25 to 30 minutes.

Bake at 375 F for 20 to 25 minutes, until golden brown. Bake to an internal temperature of 210°F Fahrenheit on a digital thermometer.

Brush hot rolls with melted butter or vegan butter after they come out of the oven.