Have You Seen The New Products We’re Offering?

We truly believe that there’s not much you need beyond a good gluten free flour to go gluten free for cheap, but the Gluten Free Sensations line of granolas and cream of rice is one of them! We adore them so much that we decided to offer it to you, so that you could throw a few on while you were ordering Better Batter Products anyway and save a few bucks on shipping.

The granola is REAL – no weird grains, textures, or ingredients. This stuff is the guaranteed certified real deal, just like mom used to make in her hippy days, and bursting with real fruit, nuts, maple syrup and other wholesome, whole foods that will add a nutritional boost and much needed vitamins and iron to your diet. Mix this stuff with gluten free flake cereal for your own ‘bunches of oats’ cereal, toss on top of yogurt, or bake into a fruit crisp.

As always, we’ve cut discounts for half and full case quantities to save you even more money!