Denny’s has some pretty good food, if you like basic American restaurant fare. But where they really shine is in their breakfast selection, especially in this breakfast sandwich that combines scrambled eggs, cheeses, and ham into a combination that is simply amazing. We developed this clone recipe because – as far as we know – nobody at Dennys corporate has decided to jump on the gluten free breakfast bandwagon. You can, of course, use commercial gluten free bread for this sammy, but if you take the time to make our sourdough bread, you’ll be in heaven. We made this dairy free with Daiya brand cheese alternative slices, but of course you can use real cheese instead. This recipe makes enough for one sandwich.

2 large eggs
1 tsp water
1/8 tsp salt (you may use more or less to taste)
3 tbsp dairy free margarine or butter
2 one ounce slices tavern ham
2 slices Sourdough Bread, sliced 1/4 inch thick (you may also use commercial gluten free bread)
1 slice cheddar cheese or cheese alternative (We used Daiya cheddar style slices)
1 slice swiss cheese or cheese alternative (If you prefer use two slices of Daiya cheddar instead, as we did – they also have Swiss style slices available)

Using 1 tbsp of margarine or butter, butter the bread slices on one side and set aside.

In a bowl, beat together eggs, water and salt, until whites are thoroughly combined and eggs begin to ‘rope’ when the fork is lifted, about 1 to 2 minutes.

Place two skillets on medium high heat. Melt 1 tbsp margarine or butter in each skillet.

In the first skillet, scramble the eggs, stirring constantly, until eggs are light and fluffy. Remove from heat.
In the second skillet, fry the ham until slightly browned and caramelized on the surfaces.

Remove eggs and ham from the pans and set in warm place while you fry the bread. Place the bread slices in each pan, buttered side down, and fry until golden brown on one side and hot on the other.

Place the cheese slices on top of the bread and allow to melt (you can speed this up by covering for a few seconds with a pan lid).

Immediately remove from the skillet, and place one slice of bread, cheese side up, on a plate, and top with ham and then scrambled egg. Top with the remaining slice of bread, cheese side down. Cut the sandwich in half and serve with hash browns.

Gild the lily: add 2 one ounce slices of thick cut, cooked bacon to the sandwich when you top it with the ham, or omit the ham altogether and just use the bacon.