Every Friday, we take a recipe from pinterest and try to make it, subbing out our Better Batter products for the regular gluten containing ingredients in the recipe, and post our results here, assuming the whole thing isn’t a huge pinterest fail 🙂 This week we found a cool recipe for microwave fudge, that uses cake mix… fudge that we could make in the microwave? Score! This recipe was a huge hit with everyone who sampled it. We made our version dairy free, but you can feel free to make it with dairy, if you wish.

1 c (8oz or 227g) Better Batter Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix
2 c (8oz or 227g) powdered sugar (Better Batter Corn Free Powdered Sugar coming soon!)
1/4 c non dairy margarine (you could use butter, if you wish)
1/4 c water (you could use milk, if you wish)
Sprinkles (optional)

Combine yellow cake mix and powdered sugar in a 1 quart or larger microwave safe bow, mixing until evenly combined. Place margarine on top of the mix, and pour water on top of the margarine.

Microwave for about two minutes, or until the liquids are bubbling and boiling.

Remove from microwave and stir well, to combine. Mixture will resemble very, very sticky cookie dough and will continue to thicken as you mix and as it cools. Once smooth, stir in any sprinkles you may want, stirring as little as possible after this in order to preserve the color.

Spoon/pour immediately into a 2 cup tupperware container, or any small container that you can line with parchment paper or foil. The shape of your container will determine the shape of your fudge.

Smooth the top and cover with plastic wrap or a lid. Allow to chill in the fridge for about an hour for best results, before cutting into bite sized pieces.