Anyone else feeling saucy? This week is dedicated to exciting, saucy dishes that will get your creative juices flowing. I encourage you to take these flavorful recipes and re-use your favorite sauces in weeks to come! Monday Start off the week on a high note! Oven-seared Beef Tenderloin with Herb Pan Sauce with Roasted Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce is a hearty pair made in sauce-heaven. For dessert, be adventurous with this Pouffle Goodwin (Cherry Pouffle).
Tips from Tori Vegan? Swap out the tenderloin for portabella mushrooms (cooking time will be much less) and make sure you supplement with some protein, like this mocha protein shake. Dairy Free? Dairy free margarine works in the tenderloin
Tuesday Baked Pita Chips with Creamy Dill Dip make a crunchy side-kick or appetizer to this delicious Korean Salad. Tips from Tori Vegan? Skip the Korean Salad altogether and make a delicious Greek salad instead, adding several cups of drained white or garbanzo beans for protein. Wednesday An all-in-one meal, this Crock Pot Red Chicken Curry checks off all of the boxes. Serve with your own homemade gf Naan Tips from Tori Vegan? Swap out the chicken for beans of choice (we love lentils or garbanzo beans here), oyster mushrooms (our personal favorite), or jackfruit. Thursday Dress up this Mushroom Alfredo Penne by adding chopped frozen spinach or kale to the mushrooms while sautéing. This will add an extra serving of veggies to a creamy dish that anyone can love! Tips from Tori Level Up! Add some sauteed spinach to this dish for extra color and nutrition, or serve a spinach salad on the side. Add Protein! If you wish, add a pound or two of sauteed chicken breast to the dish and give it a protein boost. Friday End the week with these fun Mini Ham and Cheese Rolls made with Patrick's Gluten Free Pretzel Buns. Complete the meal with a Three Bean Salad for the perfect balance of creamy, salty, starchy, sweet, and light! If you are hungry for more, slice up some cucumbers or bell peppers to finish off that creamy dill dip. Tips from Tori Vegan? Swap out the ham and swiss cheese for Follow Your Heart Gouda Style cheese and add some mushrooms for extra flavor.


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