After a week of heavy cooking and high calorie foods, we’re all in need of something a little tangy, a little light, or a little easier on the schedule. This week we’ve focussed on bringing bright flavors to the table, and I’ve included a lot of slow cooker meals, to help you take it easy. I’ve posted a few ideas for you from the internet – just make sure to sub in gf brands (and our great Better Batter flour) anywhere gluten is called for. This week’s clone recipe is a take on the IHOP Tuscan Scramble – it’s easy, fast, and tastes terrific any time of day!

Monday: Sumac Baked Chicken, rice pilaf, Chopped Salad with parsley.

Tuesday: Gluten free pasta with fried lemons and chili flakes, green salad, homemade garlic bread.

Wednesday: Leftovers, or breakfast for Dinner

Thursday: Pumpkin pierogis with fried sage

Food Storage Friday: Chicken and Chile stuffed arepas with tangy cabbage slaw

CopyCat Saturday: IHOP style Tuscan Scramble with hashed brown potatoes, fresh fruit, and hot coffee

Sunday: Slow cooker Moussaka, greek salad, baklava