Whether your family waits all year for March Madness or you just love the thrill of competition, these game-time inspired meals will leave a fire in your belly! And don’t worry… we will not be eating concession-stand food all week… to avoid an actual fire in our bellies.


Let’s get the ball rolling with this Rolled Flank Steak and Patrick’s Baguettes. Slice thin and serve the meat on the bread, with the pan juices, for a great take on French Dip Sandwiches. Both of these recipes are perfect to prep on Sunday. Finish this filling dish, fit for a whole team, with a light salad.

Tori’s Tips
Vegan? Use the recipe, but use 2lb firm mushrooms (like oyster mushrooms or portabellas) and skip the meat altogether!

Dairy Free? Swap out the provolone cheese for Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda Style – so good!
Level Up: Want something that’s not salad? Toss firm veggies (like brussel sprouts or kale) with a bit of oil and roast in a very hot oven until crisp – sprinkle with some salt, and call it ‘fries’


These Vegetarian Nachos made with oiled, baked, and salted Gluten Free Flour Tortillas are perfect for piling high with veggies, beans, and cheese (or dairy free substitute like Daiya).


These Corn Dogs are a slam dunk for your mid-week slump! Make it a balanced meal with the addition of seasoned, baked fries and a side of Adrienne’s Cucumber Salad.


Let’s end the week with a fan favorite: Baked Habanero Seahawk Wings with Baked Kale Chips. If your family is ready for more, roasted pear slices would make a balanced and nutritious addition to this meal.

Tori’s Tips
Vegan? This is a perfect place to swap out the chicken for cauliflower or oyster mushrooms – just follow the recipe and make the swap – it’s great! You’ll want to add some protein, so a ‘milkshake’ with vegan protein powder will round out the meal perfectly

Love is About Compro-fries: Kale chips too scary? Bake some steak fries in the oven and serve with a fresh fruit salad or vinegar based slaw instead

BONUS! We created a special dessert for you HERE


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