If you loved Big Macs when you were young, you’ll love this gluten free version. You can use our World’s Easiest Hamburger Buns or Super Versatile Bread Dough recipe for the buns this sandwich and easily available condiments to replicate the taste. If you are short on time and don’t want to make your own buns, you can use commercially available gluten free hamburger rolls with great success. Serve with salted shoestring fries for a perfect trip down fast food memory lane. This recipe makes 4 sandwiches

6 buns (you may use World’s Easiest Hamburger Buns or Super Versatile Bread Dough buns or commercial buns, like Udi’s)
1 pound 80 percent lean ground beef
salt and pepper
1 tbsp finely chopped yellow onion, allowed to sit at least 10 minutes after chopping
2 cups finely chopped iceburg lettuce
4 slices process American Cheese or Daiya brand subsitute
8 thin hamburger dill slices
1/4 c Special Sauce Clone (recipe below)

To create a Big Mac clone, you will need to follow each step carefully, as each part helps create the flavor profile.

Prepare your buns for toasting. Separate the buns. You should have one bun for each sandwich, with two buns ‘extra’ – slice the rounded top off the top portion of the two extra buns, which will allow you to use two buns to make four “middle buns” for the sandwich.

Heat a very heavy cast iron or other pan over medium high heat. Toast the buns on the cut side only until the edges are beginning to brown. Toast the four ‘center’ buns on both sides in the same way. Set aside.

Divide your hamburger into eight 1/8 pound (2 ounce) portions. Shape into patties about 4 inches by 1/8 inch. for a really uniform look you may use a biscuit cutter as a mold.

Place in the same heated pan you used to toast the buns and salt and pepper liberally. Allow to cook, without touching for about a minute, then flip to the other side. Salt and pepper again and allow to cook for another minute or until brown.

Assemble your sandwiches. Place four bottom buns on four plates. top with about 2 tsp of Special Sauce Clone, then place about 1/2 teaspoon of onion on the sauce. Place 1/4 c of chopped lettuce on this mixture, then top with a slice of cheese or daiya. Place one hot patty on the cheese, then place the middle bun on this. Repeat the order: sauce, onion, lettuce, but instead of cheese on the top layer, place two dill pickle slices, then the second hot patty. Top with the top bun and serve.

You may allow the sandwiches to sit for at least 10 minutes and then microwave for 10-15 seconds for even more replicated taste and texture if you wish.

Special Sauce Clone
1/2 c Helmann’s Mayonnaise
3 tbsp Sweet and Spicy dressing (this is red dressing referred to in the salad dressing aisle as Sweet and Spicy, Western, or French. Do NOT use creamy french!)
4 teaspoons India relish
1 tbsp finely minced yellow onion
pinch of salt
pinch of sugar or teaspoon of distilled vinegar, if needed

To make Special Sauce Clone, mix all ingredients together and taste – if the sauce needs to be sweeter or tangier, adjust with a bit of sugar or vinegar. You should generally be ‘okay’ without these adjustments. Allow flavors to combine for at least an hour.