Don’t turn away in disgust just yet – we discovered this fabulous sandwich combination quite by accident during a family outing, when my youngest son – always prone to experimenting with flavors – combined several lunch choices onto one piece of bread and insisted we try a bite. The flavors meld surprisingly well, with the umami of the soy or peanut butter balancing the cloying sweetness of the marshmallows. BBQ chips add both textural contrast and another layer of taste to the experience – make sure you choose a gluten free brand of potato chip. We used our high fiber artisan bread recipe for this sandwich, but you could use any of our recipes from the archive or commercial bread.

2 slices any gluten free bread (we used our high fiber artisan bread recipe, but you could use commercial bread, too)
2 generous tablespoons peanut or soynut butter (we used Wowbutter)
4 regular sized marshmallows
1/2 cup bbq potato chips (use a gluten free variety)

Slather each slice of bread with about a tablespoon of your favorite soy or peanut butter. Top the bottom slice (spread side up) with marshmallows and bbq chips and then with the top slice (spread side down). Eat immediately.