Okra, deep fried and coated in batter or breading, is well loved in the south – and for a good reason! The flavorful crispy coating you get from deep frying it is a perfect foil to the tender vegetable inside. Our method of using Better Batter seasoned flour makes this quick and easy, and our use of commercially available preblanched and frozen okra saves a lot of time, also making the vegetable palatable to those who think they don’t like okra by eliminating the risk of the ‘slime’ factor. If you grow your own, just be sure to blanch the vegetable quickly (two minutes for whole and 30 seconds for slices), immediately plunge into an ice bath, and then dry it gently and thoroughly before proceeding with the recipe.

1 lb Frozen whole or sliced okra (we prefer sliced okra), thawed slowly overnight in the fridge, or in cold water for an hour until completely thawed, then patted very dry

1 1/2 c of water or milk

3 C (12 oz or 340g) Better Batter Gluten Free Seasoned Flour

1/2 c corn meal (optional)

2-4c of high heat oil/fat (such as peanut oil, grapeseed, sunflower, coconut, or lard)

In a bowl, combine prepared okra and 1/2 c seasoned flour. Toss well to coat and allow to sit for at least 5 minutes, tossing occassionally for any time over 5 minutes, to allow flour to absorb any excess liquid. Ideal sitting time is about 15 minutes. Allow okra to come to room temperature.

Meanwhile, in a small bowl combine water or milk and 1/2 c seasoned flour. Whisk well to combine until smooth. Allow to stand for at least 5 minutes.

toss okra into the water/flour mixture – the mixture may be thick, so you may thin it a bit if you wish, but it should be about the texture of pancake batter.

Combine Better Batter seasoned flour and optional cornmeal in another bowl, if desired.

Dip battered okra into the seasoned flour and toss well to coat completely. Allow to stand at least 5 minutes and up to 10 minutes to allow coating to adhere to the vegetable.

Meanwhile, heat oil in a deep fat fryer or deep skillet to 350 degrees.

Using a few pieces at a time, fry okra in hot oil until golden brown and drain on paper towels or a rack – keep warm if making a double batch or more by keeping (on rack) in a warm oven until all okra is done.