This classic, kid-pleasing breakfast is extremely easy to make and tastes great to boot! You may gild the lily if you like with sprinkles of any herb or cheese, but we find these extraordinarily good right out of the pan.

For each serving (double this for hungry eaters) you will need:

1 Slice of gluten free bread, use one of our recipes (we recommend our Brioche Batter Bread) or a commercial brand

1 egg

1 tbsp butter (more or less depending on taste)

sprinkle of salt and pepper to taste.

To make – Cut a two inch circle out of each slice of bread. Reserve the circle to use in the recipe.

Heat a skillet on medium high heat. Melt the butter in the skillet. Place the bread slice and the little bread circle in the skillet and toast for one minute or so, or until golden. Flip. Crack an egg into the center of the toast. Cook egg and the toast circle for another minute. Remove the toast circle and set aside to keep warm. Meanwhile, reduce heat to medium and place a lid on the skillet. Cook for about two more minutes or until white is set to your preference.

Serve immediately with the toast circles on the side.