chickenfingers-1.jpgThere are commercially available chicken fingers, but at $6.00 a box, the tastiest brands are not reasonable for feeding larger families. In addition, many of the commercially available brands contain dairy. This recipe is every bit as good as the best brands of gf chicken fingers, is dairy free and so easy, too! And the best part -it’s very cheap. Make sure you do the first step of flouring the chicken the night before, to allow for a crispy crust to form. Freeze whatever you’re not going to use AFTER the overnight resting period, but BEFORE you fry them. Do not thaw before cooking.

About 4 pounds chicken breasts or boneless thighs, cut into tenders
3 Tbsp seasoned salt (for best flavor, use Adobo, or use a mix of powdered bouillon and garlic powder)
3 c (12 oz or 340g) Better Batter Gluten Free Flour
Enough shortening/suet/oil to come up about 3/4 inch in a large skillet (halfway)– roughly 4 cups.

Mix the seasoned salt and flour and pour on top of the chicken. Mix really well, and transfer the mixture to a bowl or container. Let sit in fridge overnight.

Place chicken in another bowl and dump flour from the container on top, stirring to mix again – the chicken will be sticky! Set aside what you won’t use on a cookie sheet and freeze.
Heat oil to 350 degrees.

Fry four pieces at a time, or as many as you can fit in a single layer, for about 3-4 minutes, turning when the first half is deep golden brown. Remove to a rack placed over a cookie sheet and set in a warm oven while you fry the rest of the chicken.