Hardee’s is famous for their ‘from scratch each morning’ biscuits, and we were looking to replicate our fond college memories of eating sausage biscuits while cramming for exams without having to actually do all the work that we imagined might be required of making biscuits from – you know, *scratch*. Our quick Hardees Biscuit Clone and some preformed commercial sausage patties are all you need to create a quick breakfast biscuit. Make a bunch up to freeze or refrigerate – this heats well in the microwave for a great on the go breakfast or snack. This recipe makes 12 biscuit sandwiches

1 Recipe Hardees Biscuit Clone

12 breakfast sausage patties or 1 recipe Beef Breakfast Sausage

Cook Hardees Biscuit Clone according to directions. While biscuits are cooking, prepare sausages according to package directions or recipe.

To assemble: split each biscuit with a fork or knife. Top half of each biscuit with a sausage patty, then with other half of biscuit and serve immediately.