The second most popular Girl Scout cookie is the Samoa (also called Caramel deLites). Naturally, with gluten and dairy allergies in our house, if I ever want to eat these, I have to make them myself.

If you are looking for a totally authentic, yummy, mostly allergen and corn free or vegan version, you will adore these. With my Girl Scout Shortbread Base and dairy free caramel, you will be able to make a great ‘clone’ of this delightful little cookie.

A note to the nut allergic: This recipe contains coconut. Whether or not to classify coconut as a tree nut is debatable among allergy docs and botanists. I myself am highly allergic to tree nuts but do well with coconut. Your mileage may vary. Please follow your doctor’s advice and err on the side of caution, if in doubt.

Feel free to use dairy ingredients, in place of the coconut ingredients if you are not dairy allergic.

This recipe is naturally egg free, as well!

This recipe makes about 4 boxes worth. They do take a lot of work – I told my kids they were ‘once a year’ cookies, but since they freeze well, if you make the whole batch, they are definitely worth it.