Another great Fair classic, deep fried Oreos are standard summer fare throughout parks and carnivals in the US. Deep frying transforms the crisp cookies into cakelike confections filled with a melting, creamy white sliver of icing. Now we can eat the same great gluten free fair food, using a little ingenuity, and not feel deprived. You can make this quick and easy using our soon to be famous Sweet Fry Batter recipe and storebought gluten free sandwich cookies (we used Ktoos), or you can do the extra work and make a bunch of sandwich cookies in advance using our Oreo Clone recipe.

1 recipe of our Oreo Clone OR one package commercial gluten free chocolate sandwich cookies (we used Ktoos), baked ,filled, and ready to fry, frozen overnight

1 recipe of our Sweet Fry Batter, in a shallow bowl.

at least 4 c oil for frying (this recipe works best in a deep fryer), enough for at least 3 inches deep oil, heated to 375 degrees

Make sure your Oreo clones are well chilled (overnight freezing is best), and your oil is fully ready before assembling our Sweet Fry Batter, as the batter thickens quickly.

Heat oil to 375 degrees.

Assemble the batter as per our recipe instructions.

Quickly plunge your prepared Oreo Clones into the batter, rolling to coat the sides – it’s especially important to coat the icing with batter! – and then immediately submerge in the hot oil. Cook for roughly 1-2 minutes, or until batter coating is golden brown, flipping once. Remove immediately, drain well and serve.