Warm and creamy layers of rice, chicken, and brocolli, lightly spiced with curry powder, in a homemade cream sauce, chicken divan is a complete comfort food meal at its best. My mother in law used to make this dish when I would come to visit while dating my husband, and it remains one of my favorite combinations of foods. I wanted to recreate the dish, but as a working mom, I needed it to be ready when I got home, so I developed the crock pot version – you won’t believe how easy this meal is to make in the crock pot! This recipe requires no browning or cooking of ingredients ahead of time, making it extra easy to prepare. This recipe serve four as a main meal generously.

3 c white rice
2 c broth or water
8c frozen or fresh broccoli florets, in bite sized pieces
4 large chicken breasts (about 2 pounds)

3 c milk or non dairy substitute (we used So Delicious Coconut Milk)
3/4 c Better Batter Gluten Free Seasoned Flour
2 tsp curry powder (use more or less to taste)

8 oz cheese or non dairy substitute (we used Daiya cheddar style shreds)

Grease a four or 5 quart slow cooker with cooking spray or oil.

In the bottom of the slow cooker, mix the rice and water. Lay the broccoli on top of the rice and water mixture. Lay the chicken on top of the broccoli.

In a small bowl, mix together the milk or non dairy substitute, the Better Batter Gluten Free Seasoned Flour, and the curry powder, until the mixture stars to thicken slightly. Pour this mixture over the ingredients in the crock pot.

Top with Cheese or non dairy substitute and place the lid on the slow cooker. Cook on high heat for 4-6 hours or on low heat for 8-10 hours, venting the lid about 10 minutes before serving. Scoop onto plates and enjoy!