This recipe is on the back of our big blue box of pancake mix and is one of my favorites. I recommend making a big batch of these and freezing them for later - they toast up wonderfully. Servings 4 Prep Time 5 Cook Time 10


2 c Better Batter pancake and biscuit mix 1 1/3 - 2 c milk, df milk, or water (water will yield the crispiest waffles) 1 egg or 2 tbsp liquid egg substitute (we do not recommend Ener-G egg replacer or similar powdered egg replacers), you may add up to 1 extra egg or 1/2 c extra egg substitute if you wish 2 Tbsp vegetable oil (you may use butter or df margarine instead if you wish)


Heat a well greased waffle iron to 400F Combine all ingredients in a batter bowl or mixing bowl - for best results, mix the wet ingredients first, then place the pancake mix on top and stir it in. You should have a batter with small lumps of dry mix scattered throughout (they will melt into the batter as it cooks). For each waffle (based on a thin 4-waffle iron), you will use about 1 c of waffle batter. Close the lid and cook until the waffle stops steaming - time will vary based on your iron. Regrease the iron and do the second batch. This recipe should make about 8 4 inch waffles - enough to serve 4 people.