Every once in a while a special occasion comes along and you really need a WOW recipe, and sometimes that special occasion is nothing more than Saturday morning! This brunch is easy (I promise! If you can make a sandwich, you can make this French Toast!) and it will impress everyone you invite over. If you choose to invite anyone that is! Sometimes I make this just for me if it’s been a hard week or if I feel like celebrating being me.

French Toast is one of the best breakfast inventions ever. When you pair it with decadent hazelnut chocolate spread (You know what I’m talking about!) and cool creamy cream cheese and then they get all melty and gooey, and then you drizzle a bit of chocolate syrup on top and maybe some whipped cream because you deserve it….well this breakfast is my idea of heaven on a plate. My husband and children completely agree.

This recipe makes 8 servings

16 slices gluten free bread (use commercial or you can use one of Better Batter’s)

8 Tbs. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

8 Tbs. Cream Cheese

3/4 c. Milk

3 Eggs

1/2 tsp. Vanilla

1 Tbs. Sugar

Butter for griddle.

Chocolate syrup and Whipped Cream (optional)

Mix together the eggs, milk, vanilla and sugar really well (I put it in a mason jar and shake like crazy. It totally counts as exercise right?) and pour in a shallow dish for dredging. Start assembling sandwiches by taking two slices of bread and lightly smearing Chocolate Hazelnut Spread on one side and cream cheese on the other. Go light with the filling because it melts and if there’s too much your toast will not stay together. Once your 8 sandwiches are complete, dredge in the egg dip and grill on a buttered griddle or frying pan, flipping once. Serve with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. My kids are over the top so they even add chocolate sprinkles.

Amy Gillard is a Philadelphia Area Lifestyle Photographer and long time gluten free food lover. When other kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons, she was devouring every cooking show on tv. A diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease in 2010 led to her love of the Gluten Free lifestyle and a passion for healthy, homemade food the way Grandma would have made it. She and her husband also enjoy home brewing beer and gluten free ciders. You can see some of her photography at www.amygillardphotography.com