The is an easy pie crust that will do in a pinch when you don’t have time or ingredients to bake a crust from scratch. Because of the slightly sandy nature and very delicate texture of the crust, you will find this crust is more appropriate as a single crust bottom for custard pies or as a topping for meat pies (like our Chicken and Cider pie!)
This recipe makes one crust.

1 c (4oz or 113g) Better Batter Gluten Free Pancake and Biscuit Mix
1/4 c shortening, butter or dairy free margarine
3 Tbsp Boiling water

Cut shortening, butter or margarine into the Better Batter Pancake and Biscuit Mix.
Pour boiling water over the mixture, stirring vigorously, until dough comes together in a soft ball (about 30 seconds).

On a floured rolling mat, sheet of plastic wrap, or well floured tea towel (NOT terry towel), roll out to about 8-9 inches. Gently flip onto pie pan or top of casserole. Bake as directed in recipe.

Alternately, push/pat into pie shell without rolling out.