This is a great pasta recipe, especially for making homemade ravioli, pierogies, pot stickers, or kreplach. This dough can easily be rolled by hand or through a machine. Make sure to follow the instructions exactly as written. Scroll down for the recipe under the video – the video shows eggs, but aquafaba does just fine in this!

4 cups (544g) Better Batter Gluten Free Flour
1 generous tsp salt
6 large eggs or 9fl oz aquafaba (bean juice)
2 tbsp butter, shortening, or oil


Put flour, salt, eggs or aquafaba, and desired fat in the bowl of your mixer.

Turn the mixer on medium speed to combine until the dough begins to resemble a
very thick paste or very sticky play-dough. It should stick to the side of the machine.

Take the paste/dough out of the mixer and let sit about 20 minutes.

Proceed with stuffed pasta directions.