When I was a child, my parents (hard working and responsible…and fully employed though underpaid) would talk quietly among themselves (where they thought we couldn’t hear) about which one of them would skip food for the day to ensure that we children got enough to eat. The experience of growing up feeling food insecure branded itself into my soul.

I am not alone. While it seems almost impossible that in the United States – known as the land of plenty (and high obesity rates) – that food insecurity is a real and present danger… it is.

1 in 8 Americans struggle to put enough food on their families’ tables every day. And it strikes in surprising places – a few hours less at work, or a dental bill not covered by insurance. A large number of hard working, regularly employed, honest middle class Americans struggle just like my parents did.

For those with food allergies and intolerances, finding help is limited. Most food bank donations contain allergens, and specialty foods are simply outside the range of what can be affordable. It’s a serious problem.

Better Batter is partnered with the Food Equality Initiative to help solve that problem. A portion of the purchase price of every box of flour or mix you buy on our site goes toward free food for Food Banks, and we also offer financial aid for those in need who would like to purchase from us directly.

This month, you can supercharge our efforts by partnering with us at checkout. Even if you don’t need anything, you can donate to our project HERE.