Seems like we were just trudging our way through a dreary winter and now we’re already into spring.

And that means Easter is upon us too.

Like many others, one of the big annual Easter festivities in my family is putting together an Easter basket. Around here, the contents of those baskets usually fall into one or more of the three C’s: Clothes, crafts, and candy.

But allergy-friendly candy can be difficult to come by. So below are some sweet alternatives for this year’s baskets.

1. Indie Candy

indie candy

A gourmet candy manufacturer that produces candy safe for allergy sufferers. According to their website, “ALL of Indie Candy’s products are made without any Big 9 allergen ingredients (or derived ingredients) and we don’t have any big 9 allergens in our facility.”

2. Premium Chocolatiers

premium chocolatiers

Known for their vegan sweets, this company also avoids nuts and gluten too. Check out their milkless chocolate bunnies, Benny and Bonnie!

3. Divvies


Lots of options await you at Divvies. All their candies are gluten free as well as free of nuts, eggs, and dairy also. From chocolate bars to jelly beans, you’ll find something to satisfy your little one’s sweet tooth.

4. Amanda’s Own Confections

amandas own

Similar to how Better Batter came to be, this company was also started because of a child’s severe food allergy. This time, though, it was because of a life-threatening dairy allergy. All of the items sold through Amanda’s are free from the top 8 food allergens, except for the Sunflower Cups.

5. Surf Sweets

surf sweets

Surf Sweets has eliminated the top 10 food allergies from their product line: Dairy/casein, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, sesame and sulfites. They also do random testing for gluten contamination on finished products. Gummies, jelly beans, and fruit rings are their specialties.

6. Spangler Candy


In business since 1906, this small Midwestern company produces candies that are free of the top 8 allergens. They’re known for childhood favorites like circus peanuts and Dum Dum and Saf-T-Pop suckers.

7. Enjoy Life

enjoy life

Enjoy Life is a brand that is already popular among the food allergy crowd. They make lots of safe snack foods that are top 8 allergen free, but their chocolate bars or cookies would hit the spot for Easter. Plus, if you’re shopping last minute, you can find their products in most major brick ‘n mortar stores.

What candy are you putting in the Easter baskets this year? Please tell us in the comments below!

Steph Weber is a Midwest-based freelance writer and marketing maven, who also happens to love food – minus the gluten, dairy, and eggs. To hire her or see more of her work, please visit