11 Delicious Gluten Free Dishes for a Blessed and Bountiful Thanksgiving

Steph Weber

Thanksgiving is only a few days away. Eek!

I know you’re thinking, “How on earth did this happen?!? Wasn’t it just the 4th of July?” And inevitably, those thoughts lead to the mega-holiday that comes after Thanksgiving. Before you know it, you’re in total and complete holiday overload.

But wait! Let’s take a deep breath and focus on one holiday at a time.

So first up, here are 11 tried-and-true Better Batter recipes that you’ll be thankful to have on hand this Thanksgiving or – if you’re really prepared – for next year!


Side Dishes

My family tends to go overboard when it comes to side dishes. Of course we cover the basics: veggie, starch, fruit, etc. But then we usually add in another round of dishes too! I guess you could say we like to be prepared!

Cornbread Stuffed Acorn Squash  This recipe is so versatile! You could omit the turkey or chicken and use vegetable broth and this would be a perfect vegetarian meal too. Heck, you could even use it as a main dish if you wanted!



Butternut Squash Fries – I used to be intimidated by butternut squash. But no longer! Because it can be made into fresh, oven-baked fries. Who knew?!? And if you pair it with one of these tasty dipping sauces, your crowd will be pleased!



Creamy Mac ‘n Cheese  Who doesn’t love mac ‘n cheese, right? That ooey, gooey goodness is hard to pass up. And this recipe even has some hidden veggies in it too. Plus, there’s a vegan version!


Grown Up Green Bean Casserole – A different take on the classic dish, this recipe is made from scratch and uses fresh mushroom. No more canned yuckiness! Dairy-free and vegan options are available too.  And if you’re feeling really ambitious in the kitchen, try making the “fried onions” from scratch.


Sausage, Apple & Cranberry Stuffing – Is it just me or does this recipe scream Fall? It also veers away from the traditional – and boring – stuffing that often finds its way to the dinner table. So be adventurous this year and whip up a batch. This is another one that’s easy to make dairy free and vegan/vegetarian.




When I first had to go gluten free, the loss of soft, freshly baked bread felt like another blow to my already compromised immune system. I didn’t think I’d ever taste it again! I was a bread-lover then and I’m a bread-lover now, thanks to these tasty recipes. Your guests won’t even know the difference!

Udi’s Bread Clone – Fall in love with soft sandwich bread again. Plus, this one is high in fiber. Make a couple loaves for dinner – one for buttering and one for a stuffing side dish.


Pillsbury Crescent Roll Clone – I have a soft spot for crescent rolls as these were my favorite from childhood. But as luck would have it, gluten free and flaky, buttery goodness can coexist! Just remember to allow time for rising.


Parkerhouse Rolls – And if your family favors rolls, these won’t disappoint! If you’re afraid of running short on time, you can make these in advance – they freeze and reheat well. Problem solved!




Easy White House Cherry Vanilla Dip  This dip can be whipped up in a jiffy and goes well with virtually everything. Set out a dish with fresh fruit for dipping. Or consider dipping pretzels, brownie bites, cake pieces, or even marshmallows. Yummy!


Red Velvet Cupcakes with Ganache Filling – Pie certainly has its place at the dinner table, but cupcakes can be a fun way to switch things up this year. Get the kiddos involved in making them….you’ll make sweet memories too!

Cranberry Pumpkin Pie – Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without pie. And this one incorporates two Fall favorites: pumpkin and cranberry. The beautiful layers will please eyes and tummies alike!


It’s easy to get caught up in the food aspect of Thanksgiving, especially when you’re struggling to make sure everyone can eat safely. But I hope you’ll take several moments throughout the day to soak in the abundance of love and warmth that surrounds you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Do you have a favorite gluten free Thanksgiving recipe? Please tell us in the comments below!